SPC Administrative Documents

SPC Policies and Procedures

The SPC Policies and Procedures define the day-to-day operations for the Storage Performance Council. This is the definitive source of information about meetings, benchmark development, results publication, technical subcommittees, and all other operational aspects of the council. If you have any questions about this or any other administrative documents, please contact the executive director.

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v5.1 (01 November 2022)

Extend lifecycle for benchmark extensions

Introduce more flexible dues payment schedule

v5.0 (01 November 2020)

Rework Policies to align with Bylaws version 3.0

v4.12 (01 November 2019)

Changes approved at the October 2019 Face-to-Face meeting:

  • Clarify result withdrawal for non-payment (

  • Reduce the number of face-to-face meetings per year (8.1)

  • Replace “Public Review” with “Peer Review” for consistency

v4.11 (01 October 2019)

Changes in this revision:

  • Non-member results are assumed to be inactive upon status renewal.
v4.10 (01 January 2019)

Change Summary:

  • Council business to be conducted in English
  • Membership applications require an English-language web site
  • Define the SC responsibility for membership application review
  • Define benchmark retirement process


v4.9 (01 February 2018)

Version 4.9 defines Benchmark Extensions, and related policies.

v4.9 (01 February 2018)

Identical to the official release of version 4.9, but with change bars relative to version 4.8

v4.8 (15 July 2017)

Changes in this revision:

  • Rename Administrator to Executive Director
  • Pro-rate any dues increase related to a change in membership class
  • Creation of SPC Web Editor

SPC Bylaws

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v3.0 (10 November 2020)

Reorganize Board and Steering Committee

v2.2 (18 July 2017)
  • Define Emeritus membership status

Antitrust Policy

The Storage Performance Council was formed to provide benefit for the storage industry and its customers. As set forth in Article I of the Bylaws, it is the policy of the SPC to comply fully with the antitrust laws of the United States and similar foreign competition laws applicable to the SPC’s activities. It is expected that all company member
representatives involved in SPC activities, all SPC contractors, all SPC auditors, and any guests invited to participate in any SPC activity will take all measures necessary to comply with antitrust and competition laws.

(effective date)
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v1.0 (01 December 2016)

Initial release